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Andrea Büchel

General Manager

GREEN ALLIGATOR travel & events (GATE) opens Cuba’s doors to clients. If your customers wish to elude mass tourism and not only visit Cuba but also enjoy an authentic stay, here we are the right Destination Management Company to organize it for them. Be inspired and amazed by our tailor-made programs; let your clients be infected by Cuban enthusiasm, enjoy the island’s way of life and experience the glamour of the 50´s.

GREEN ALLIGATOR travel & events AG is a limited liability company registered in Switzerland, with license in Cuba and its main office in Havana.

Our goal is to provide each traveller a unique experience that inspires, surprises, immerses them into local life and even surpasses their expectations. Each trip is unique, unforgettable, to be remembered as something very positive, something special.

We dare to innovate. We are creative, we take action quickly, we are determined and we look beyond our own borders. GREEN ALLIGATOR is a team formed of over twenty enthusiastic and committed staff constantly evolving and developing.

Our Swiss General Manager, Andrea Büchel, has a deep knowledge of the business and of Cuba as a destination, acquired over ten years of working in Havana.

We have an enormous network of contacts that helps us daily in satisfying our clients´ demands.